We have recently expanded our product range to include cheese maturing boxes and hamper boxes which we are producing in large quantities to a high specification.  We can  manufacture any type of wooden boxes, packing cases, animal cages etc and if you have an enquiry in this area please do not hesitate to contact us.  We can also produce wooden components for many uses i.e. furniture, engineering. Please see below for details of our product range i.e. hamper boxes and flat pack bars.



Our hampers are approximately    400mm x 300mm x 200 mm  in size  and can be supplied with or without rope handles and with or without lids. They are produced from plywood and mdf and are sturdy and can be used for many purposes.  Please contact us for more details and prices.



A new product by F W Whitchurch Ltd


Winter is on its way and all the local Wildlife are looking for a nice warm place to sleep off their winter blues. How about helping your local Hedgehogs this year by purchasing this fantastic snug Hedgehog house?

Like all our products, we make them to last and this Hedgehog house will certainly withstand the British weather and keep the spiky critters nice and snug while they hibernate.










The house is made out of 12mm untreated exterior plywood and has a felted waterproof roof; it also has a telescopic entrance which will fit any space perfectly.




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Hamper Box End
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Hamper Box Open
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Hamper Box Side