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We are in a fortunate position of expanding our business at this difficult time both on our cutting services and our production side.

We are persuing our core business of cutting sheet material and offering many additional services i.e. tongue and grooving, bevelling, labelling etc.

We have also expanded our on line shop for our bird breeding cages, nesting boxes which is proving to be very successful. Our latest product is a Hedgehog nesting box, see our products page, this is the time of year to get one for your garden!! An advertising campaign has been launched  to improve general awareness of our products. 

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Online Shop

11 Feb 2011

New Online Shop selling wooden bird breeding cages and nest boxes  for finch, budgie and canary of various sizes. Also rabbit hutches, runs and hamper boxes.

We have been manufacturers of wooden pet products for over 50 years and can now..

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